• xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009
  • xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009
  • xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009
  • xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009

xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009

xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009
  • xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009
  • xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009
xinchai parts Camshaft gear 490BPG-02009

2014521/SZ cylinder head cover assembly
1005866846 Oil pan gasket
2030010 Piston pin
13022966 Oil dipstick tube assembly
28233/PJGSL cylinder head front cover plate
2027574 Gear air pump gasket
1001486611 Fuel return pipe assembly
2062761 Exhaust branch pipe
DHD12Q0308*01 WD12G375E211 diesel engine
1000562994 exhaust pipe
28832/PJGSL 4108 piston
612600112145 exhaust pipe
612600011397 Front bracket (right)
611600080195 Pipe joint
1001127472 Wiring harness bracket
1002026147 Tensioner bracket
1001190759 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
1004317491 DPF assembly
1117867 Wave elastic washer (platform frozen)
1000375443 Fuel Water Cold Treasure
612630030281 Blocking cover
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Z20280055 pipe joint
1006066141 Water pipe assembly
15549150AJ Oil filter seat gasket combination set
611600080114 Fuel injection pump bracket
28201545/1/PJGS four packages
13034593 starter
410800020128 Torsional vibration absorber
410800080072 Sensor wiring harness
1001415709 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe
612600130303 Hexagonal thin nut
1009982097 DOC assembly
12188322 Intake valve seat (platform frozen)
1005907198 Bracket
2027766 air compressor
1001003425 support block
410800010044 Oil dipstick assembly
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812700060038 Gasket
1003142009 Multi-ribbed belt (matched for freezing)
28113/PJGSL connecting rod copper sleeve
1001560775 Generator pulley
1007141887 Automatic tensioning wheel
2130185 Oil dipstick guide seat cushion
DHP13Q1071*01-B WP13NG460E61 gas machine
1003570354 exhaust tailpipe
13036016 Supercharger
DHP03K0122*01-B (WP3Q130E50) Passenger car diesel engine (matching frozen)
1000727815 intake pipe
1000315323 Pipe joint
1000952078 Air compressor intake pipe
1006251559 Intercooling tube bracket
1008176023 Cylinder head sub-assembly
1000444742M1 Fuel Water Cold Treasure
1001050475 Turbocharger
DHL10G0215*01-B (WP10G220E341) diesel engine for construction machinery
DHP06G0082 (WP6G125E333) diesel engine (discontinued)
612630110007 exhaust tailpipe
1002322826 Thermostat cover
1001642976 Oil pan
2190103 Fan riveting
2062989/SZ exhaust pipe
1006519601 Pressure limiting valve
15036212J water pipe
410800190261 Engine wiring harness
1001975600 Fuel return pipe assembly
2090060121 tube
2SJ44Y supercharger assembly
2027963/SZ power steering pump
612600110456 gasket
1000309385 Oil dipstick assembly
1001648313 Hydraulic pump assembly
1003349774 Diesel engine electronic control training platform
612600060224 Water pipe joint
612600082651 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly
2021127 Front bracket welding (left)
DHP12Q2843*01-B (WP12.460E50) truck diesel engine
1000067166 Pipe clamp assembly
61560080267 Bosch fuel injection pump with two-pole speed regulator
612601111139 Turbocharger
1008984957 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
1004623973 Water pipe bracket
2040309/PJGS clutch driven plate assembly
612639000032 Bowl-shaped plug
612600080712 Fuel injection pump lubricating oil inlet pipe assembly
1002457066 Generator bracket
1001554919 Purifier assembly
612630060973 Idler pulley
612600112081 Exhaust pipe heat shield
612630060249M1 Generator bracket
612600112152 Compressor intake pipe assembly
610800111042 Gas line connecting hose
1000833838 Oil pan assembly
610800080218 Pipe clamp
1000720025 Fan cover assembly
1005074540 Fuel injector
1004894737 Instrument wiring harness
410800020063 crankshaft pulley
1006573174 Exhaust tail pipe heat insulation layer
612600130867 Gas line connecting hose
13056678 Supercharger heat shield
90017130006 card holder
330205000553 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1000495886 Washer
28180/PJGSL Rocker Arm Base
612600080723 Wiring harness bracket
612630020345 Connecting rod bushing
1002985364 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1000342771 High pressure oil pipe drain pipe
2BLS-M5X15/8.8 bolt
13026560 Cylinder head assembly (invalid)
1002354381 Air conditioning compressor bracket
1001554331 air filter
13024822 Generator tightening bolt
1003125706 Urea tank assembly
610800150058 oil pan
1001813971 Spiral spring oil ring
1001162434 Connection plate
610800090042 Heating system wire harness
610800070351 Oil filter
612630060895 Thermostat assembly
1003164868 Engine wiring harness
Z20050040 front-end main bearing bush
2100393/SZ oil pump
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2027811 Hydraulic pump cover
2021222/1 Air compressor water inlet pipe assembly
1000128926 Flywheel housing
1000475526 Hexagonal flange bolt
331002000271 Connecting rod upper tile
1005644552 SCR
1000194941 Engine bracket
1000175406 Flange
1001076798 starter
612600110899 Takeover
612640130004 Urea nozzle
2060116 intake pipe
1000437249 Bowl plug
2030627 Piston
1007055720M1 intake pipe
1007673543 Turbocharger
9000000063 Hexagonal flange bolt
13072498 water pump
1003085996 Timing gear chamber gasket
1004529682 generator
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1000155871 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
13067495 Turbocharger
2230371 Flame preheating device
2063414/SZ intake and exhaust end EGR cover
1000268210 Turbocharger
1009254228 Tension block
1001019835 SCR box assembly
1001232477 Fuel return pipe assembly
1000817508 Calibration harness
612600060333 water pump assembly
1111142 Hexagon head bolt
1001844562 Muffler assembly
1008236301 Lubricating oil inlet pipe assembly
1001556363 Engine wiring harness
1001050839ES compressed air filter
A55-021 WP3.9D33E2 diesel engine for power generation (discontinued)
1000509054 Body assembly
612630020039 crankshaft pulley
13601130M board
DHP10Q0423*01 (WP10.270E32) truck diesel engine
1005416732 Gasket
1001045762 Generator
DHN4.6Q0044*01 (WP4.6NQ220E61) truck diesel engine
28470/PJGSL spline sleeve
1000053436 Fuel primary filter
612630060503 Fan connection plate
1002014660 starter
612600131173 Gas line connecting hose
612601080081 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
DHP06K0446*01 WP6NG240E50 natural gas engine (discontinued)
612600080010 speed regulator
1003238325 Automatic tensioning wheel
90017510048 O-shaped rubber seal
1003736110 Engine wiring harness
1006994798 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
612600112519 Bracket
1009763420 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe
2121200 fuel return pipe
330205001040 Fuel injector return pipe
1009325880 muffler
1000519934 EGR outlet flange gasket
615T3170059 set
A03-962 (YZ4102QF) truck diesel engine
2160196/SZ Idler gear shaft thrust piece
612600081496 Hollow bolt
81500010046A Main bearing assembly
1000296052 muffler
DHP13Q0371*01 WP13.500E501 diesel engine
41762019F Bolt
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1004300176 Poly V-belt
2251063 flameout drawing bracket
612600061611 water pump

1003466546 Pipe clamp assembly
1002215361 Gasket
2220123/SZ1 EGR valve
1000169926 Fuel return pipe
612600130257A Hydraulic pump assembly
812700080132 Fuel injection pump bracket
612600062186 Blocking cover
DHD10G0430*01 WD10G220E23 diesel engine (discontinued)
2063105/SZ intake connecting pipe take-up
1001350924 Exhaust pipe
2250959 flameout drawing connector
W22022146F EGR cooler gasket
612600080386A speed regulator
13038051 Body assembly
2105110105 exhaust tailpipe
1002778158 Windshield bracket
2990064 Front support of wooden packaging box for complete machine
1000890130 Gas line connecting hose
13039989 Connector
1003374133 Water pump sub-assembly
1006106693 crankshaft assembly
DHL10T0038*01 (WP10G360E341) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
1007958895 Connecting rod upper tile
DHP10K0054*02 247kW/1900r/min diesel engine (invalid)
1000567997 triangle belt
2020748 intermediate gear
612600112916 Gasket
1008732963 Oil pan assembly
1000272381 Pipe joint
2230255/SZ solenoid reversing valve assembly
X6276.360 Main oil channel pressure limiting valve
2021948 Blank English nameplate
612600090396 bolt
1001985857 Pipe clamp assembly
612640010104 Oil and gas separator return pipe
2021584 Respirator oil return rubber tube
612600112311 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
2063061/SZ air heater
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1009915916 spacer
46241376F Wave elastic washer
612600020632 crankshaft pulley
DHB04T0046*01 WP4T160E200 diesel engine (discontinued)
612600191606 Supercharger oil inlet pipe
2021371/SZ1 gear chamber cover
2105010109 Flywheel housing
DHN2.5Q0118-100*01-B WP2.5NQ160E61 truck diesel engine
61561110227D Turbocharger
DHH09K0054*01-B (WP9H336E62) Passenger car diesel engine
1000427863 Spin-on oil filter
612600010829 Timing gear chamber
612630140057 water pipe
612630061131 water pump
612600130668 Air compressor intake pipe
2014466/SZ1 exhaust valve
2160193/1 Oil pump gasket
1002085134 starter
1000003754 piston
612600909003A High strength thread sealant
1000496557 Gas line connecting hose
9000000493 Stud
13070374 Fuel inlet pipe
612600180166 Remote display
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331002000299 Intermediate gear assembly
1004522895 Bleed pipe assembly
1006869929 Poly V-belt
612640130200 Urea return pipe
13070526 Air filter bracket
Z107689 valve cover (right)
DHP07Q0562*01 WP7.270E51 diesel engine
1006464281 DPM oil inlet pipe assembly
1002023355 Pipe joint
1002991451 Intermediate gear cover
2120380 High pressure oil pipe
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9000000388 O-shaped rubber seal
1005063339 Fuel Water Cold Treasure
1010161589 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
13024279 Connecting rod upper tile
1007652281 Poly V-belt
610800020102 pad
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2020809 Gear chamber cover assembly
90011260017 Hexagon head bolt
13035179 Sprinkler assembly
1002090708 Air compressor assembly
612630060038 Generator bracket
1001371658 cover
13038696 Bearing cap
DHN2.3Q0258*01 (WP2.3NQ130E50) truck diesel engine (supporting frozen)
612600131096 Air compressor intake pipe
1000531645 water pipe
1000433902 intake pipe
1008371766 Safety core
2041165 Clutch pressure plate and cover assembly
612600082206 4th cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly
13057282 Poly V-belt
2040570/SZ flywheel assembly
1000580079 Exhaust pipe gasket
1004653237M1 exhaust manifold
1002001399 Engine wiring harness
615P00090003 Hexagon head bolt
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612600080201 Washer
330205000731 Fuel filter element
612600090805 Generator
1002365996 sealing ring
1004305795 Fuel injection pump lubricating oil inlet pipe assembly
X6231.485W turbocharger
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DH2.3Q0065*01 (WP2.3Q110E50) truck diesel engine
1008555837 Turbocharger
1000175404 gasket
330302000333 torsional vibration absorber
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email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
DH3.7K0130*01 (WP3.7Q130E50) Passenger car diesel engine
LD0009736354 solenoid coil
1000075323 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly
41901205F Hexagonal flange bolt
1008078415 Air conditioning compressor bracket
1000769354 flange
1000728759 Air filter bracket
28396/PJGSL high pressure oil pump T
13037675 air filter
812700080131 Fuel injection pump bracket
1004052250 Gasket
DHP05K0310*01 (WP5.200E51) Passenger car diesel engine
13034614 Water tank bracket
610800220202 SCR catalytic muffler
1001228024 Oil filter outlet pipe
DHD12Q0140*01 WD12.375 diesel engine (invalid)
1000746701 Fuel return pipe assembly
1006184011 signal plate
2062899 exhaust pipe
1001162415 Oil and gas separator
1001355836 Fuel pipe bracket
1004522924 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
1001319530M1 Automatic tensioning wheel
1004743943 Oil filter
330205000507 Fuel return pipe assembly
1000942058 Timing gear chamber cover
612600140152 Oil cooler water inlet pipe
612600115981 Muffler (Frozen included)
W21782045A pipe joint
1012700551 Diesel engine routine maintenance package
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13057108 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1000475509 Turbocharger
1004686802 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
2090010133 Flywheel housing assembly
612600140346 heat exchanger
90003800334 Hexagon head bolt
612630080013 Fuel return pipe assembly
1001041862 Fuel injection pump assembly
DHP03D0005*01-B (WP3D105E213) Diesel engine for power generation
1005910320 DPF assembly
1006867720 Exhaust manifold
1000914325 High voltage line assembly
A03-334 YZ4102QF
41764515F Hexagon head bolt
1001699881 Fan connection plate (freeze included)
1004172168 Fixed bracket
1003159246 Flywheel bolt
1002094944 Solenoid valve assembly
1001059148 SCR catalytic muffler
1007748028 Crankshaft sub-assembly
1003743609 Generator bracket
13024787 crankshaft pulley
13058173 Pad
1003955620 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
330205000039 fuel filter element
13050416 Water pipe joint
612600900230 Body assembly
1010265522 Compressor intake pipe assembly
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DH4.1Q0152 (WP4.1Q150E50) truck diesel engine
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email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1009437877 Exhaust manifold
1001731582 Flywheel housing
1002915420 Radiator
1001626820 Support block
1004444288 Flywheel bolt
1000602748 Turbocharger
Z20090033 Oil and gas separator breathing tube
13037177 Compressor air pipe
13023477 Rain cover
1000714254 Air compressor assembly
1004530011 Oil dipstick assembly
1002495944 Air conditioning compressor bracket
15101991H intake pipe
612600118900 Turbocharger
15570330X generator
2021941/SZ crankshaft rear oil seal
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1005797138 Engine hanging plate