• xinchai parts crankshaft 495B-05004A
  • xinchai parts crankshaft 495B-05004A

xinchai parts crankshaft 495B-05004A

xinchai parts crankshaft 495B-05004A 
  • xinchai parts crankshaft 495B-05004A
xinchai parts crankshaft 495B-05004A 
331004000131 Oil filter bracket
DHH10Q0518*01-B WP10H400E50 diesel engine
1000747688A Fuel primary filter element
1002485988 Gas line connecting hose
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61567C2021 Engine front left bracket
1002972241 Air compressor return pipe assembly
612630060351 Water pipe joint
1002905938 Intake pipe assembly
61400060161 Tension pulley assembly
1006074833 Fuel injection pump flange
1001242123 Fuel fine filter element
1001133971 Fixed bracket
612600060121 fan
331001000607+100 Body pre-assembly
1004717544 Gas line connecting hose
2020100/1 body
1003902769 Windshield bracket
1009034137 Engine wiring harness
2067712/SZ intake pipe
1006318364 flange
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612601080380 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
611600110155 Cooling water connecting pipe
1000284365 Air intake pipe
90003962005 Hexagonal screw plug
612640010081 support block
1001453853 Electronically controlled fuel injection pump assembly
DHP12Q1293*01 (WP12.375E50) truck diesel engine
1004523384 Hexagonal flange bolt
1008544001 Air conditioning compressor bracket
9000001769 Stud
1000094898 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
90013050094 Hexagon socket head screw (discontinued)
1000087589 Coolant connecting hose
1002499965 Body reinforcement plate
612600010611 Oil pipe assembly
1000816244 Generator bracket
1000434526 Fuel filter element
612600062088 Water inlet pipe joint
1000356407 Pipe joint (matched for freezing)
1000755797 Integrated urea tank assembly
13052432 Body assembly
2220236/SZ rubber hose 2
612600113903 Intake take-up
1000424780 Exhaust brake butterfly valve
61800010112 Oil cooler cover
13065460 Turbocharger
1001489150 Turbocharger
2040204 Flywheel assembly
2210005 Fan spacer
2020358/1 Front bracket welding (left)
13024361 Hexagon head bolt
1000192811 air filter
612630110582 intake pipe
2027032/1 Generator bracket
612600113259 tube
1002024598 Seawater pump
1005284542 Support block
2251011/SZ flameout bracket connection plate
1001738101 water pump
610800130208 Air compressor
1002832861 Water inlet pipe
612600110464 Fixed plate
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1000004697 Pump to rail high pressure oil pipe assembly
1003205854 Air conditioning compressor bracket
1001993111 O-shaped rubber seal
1001696260 oil dipstick
2090040121 Protective cover
1000522332 Exhaust pipe bracket
DHB06T0186*01 WP6T210E201 Diesel engine for agricultural machinery
612600011706 Bracket
90003989340 clamp
16040019D Adjustment lever
DHP06T0182*01 (WP6G180E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
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1001501248 Pipe clamp assembly
13039763 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1002090914 Air compressor return pipe assembly
1001255972 Gas line connecting hose
612640130067 Connector assembly
1000296000 terminal
1003262129 Bracket
13022028 gasket
1001976594 Air conditioning compressor bracket
612600111663 board
28558/PJGSL water pump impeller
9000000879 Hexagon head bolt
1000582601 Electronic throttle
612600900040 Cylinder block spare parts (invalid)
DHP06T0811*01-B (WP6G220E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
1007141956 Automatic tensioning wheel
2040813/SZ clutch driven plate assembly
1001063413 Combination sealing gasket
DHB06T0039*01 WP6T140E22 long stroke diesel engine (discontinued)
1001952192 Air filter bracket
612630110924 EGR cooler bracket
612630080160 Connector assembly
330201000324 Flywheel housing
1001024437 Fuel injection pump lubricating oil inlet pipe assembly
1001247972 Fuel return pipe assembly
13025317 Sealing gasket
1005588002 EGR exhaust pipe assembly
13034580 Gasket
13026033 Compressor air pipe
2040308/PJGS clutch driven plate assembly
1001423449 Body assembly
612630030142 Air compressor cover
612700200008 Hexagon head bolt
1001419723 Card board (platform frozen)
1004624389 Strong bolt
2062946/1 Fixed bracket welding
1001135788 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
DH4.1K0003*01 WP4.1 (National IV) passenger car diesel engine (discontinued)
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1000127942 Connector
1001363674 hollow bolt
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1002849009 Fuel primary filter
1004657705 Starter wiring harness
1002199217 Mixer core
1002931529 Intake pipe bolt
1002755353 Oil pipe joint
1006285304 Poly V-belt
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610800190444 ignition coil
2085090103 generator
2230351/SZ generator
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JMP12G0001R*01 WP12G460E310 diesel engine
DH2.3Q0032*01-B (WP2.3Q110E50) truck diesel engine
612600191174 Socket wrench
1007393759 Engine wiring harness
2220077/SZ Inlet pressure temperature wiring harness bracket
61500080166 drive shaft
2060188 Intake take-up
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1007122709 Pipe clamp assembly
1000983917 Hand pressure oil pump
1005688135 water pump
1003583897 Engine wiring harness
1003125852 Cylinder head sub-assembly
612600070186 board
612600090350 triangle belt
B08-075 (YZ4105ZLQ) truck diesel engine
1000579300 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
1002569748 Positioning sleeve
6805995 Front suspension cushion
2130525 Oil pan assembly
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609F010043 sealing gasket
1000533452 Coarse filter-fuel transfer pump fuel pipe assembly
X6231.150W sensor holder
1005214398 Coolant connecting hose
610800110792 Middle exhaust manifold
A03-987 (YZ4102QF) truck diesel engine
1002567337 Engine wiring harness
1000317062 Body assembly (platform frozen)
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1004543076 Strong bolt
B05-805 (YZ4105ZQ) truck diesel engine
1001318213 Hexagon head screw plug
1005635684 DPF
1004242306 Water pipe assembly
1010490035 water pump
1005201023 generator
90003862466 Hexagon socket head screw
612600130744 Air compressor assembly
DHP12Q3172*01-B (WP12.430E50) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)
612630090028A fuel injector
DHN4.6Q0119*01-B WP4.6NQ220E50 truck diesel engine
1001395196 Intermediate gear cover
DH4.6D0001-B WP4.6D52E2 diesel engine for power generation
1003397384 Urea return pipe
612600020392 Oil filter (matched for freezing)
1000579925 pipe joint
1000854568 Pipe clamp assembly
DHN4.1Q0116*01-B (WP4.1NQ190E61) truck diesel engine
1007101794 crankshaft pulley bolt
2100633/SZ high pressure oil pump
1000951371 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
612600191008 High voltage line
612600115839 Hexagonal flange face toothed bolt
2062775/2 Exhaust pipe bracket
612600909073 Loctite exhaust pipe and muffler assembly paste 200g
1000451207 Vacuum pump oil inlet pipe assembly
2020044 Camshaft Bushing
2040226 crankshaft pulley
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2130146 Oil dipstick guide seat welding
2108060102A fan
2190516/SZ water pump assembly
2021355C cylinder liner
2190560/SZ1 water pump assembly
2010001 Thermostat cover gasket
1000365792 triangle belt
Z107715 cylinder head bolt (long)
DHL12Q0230*01 (WP12.380E32) truck diesel engine
1004412075 Fuel return pipe assembly
1004927585 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1000721100 Oil filter element
1000000647 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
1005949373 Fuel leak alarm assembly
1006676173 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
61561111227A Turbocharger
2040703 Clutch pressure plate assembly
612600040133 Cylinder head cover assembly
2027480A cylinder liner
13060610 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1003150624 cylinder head bolt
1001676331 Vehicle wiring harness
2190763 Water pump water pipe (platform frozen)
90011270008 Hexagon head bolt full thread
2020436 Copper gasket
DH3.2T0164*01-B WP3.2G61E316 diesel engine for agricultural machinery
1006581340 Exhaust pipe insulation layer assembly
612600116564 Exhaust pipe
612630030002 Camshaft thrust piece
2021624/SZ cylinder liner
1000909211 Bearing cap
1000872478 Fuel return pipe assembly
1006549404 Fan connection plate
610800190722 Engine wiring harness
612600081409 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly
1001394254 Outlet pipe assembly
2021365 camshaft bushing
612600111694 Forward fuel pipe (disabled)
28653/PJGSL HighPressure oil pipe QB
612630110348 Supercharger oil inlet pipe
330309000329 card board
1000054250 Wiring harness bracket
612600100239 Fan bracket assembly
612600040103 Outlet pipe
1001104690 Cylinder head auxiliary bolt
DHP06Q0562*01 (WP6.220E50) truck diesel engine
1002085842 Intake pipe bolt
2085710102 Wiring harness components
16022507T Bleed tube
331005001195 3rd cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly
1000185734 Oil dipstick assembly
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13060235 spacer
1000336561 Supercharger outlet pipe assembly
612600120066 Intercooler left bracket
612600061311 Pipe joint
1003050222 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
2220230 EGR valve
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1002826984 Exhaust pipe sealing ring
20522083F Main bearing cap
1001236615 Generator bracket
1000871699 Flywheel housing
612600130927 Air compressor assembly
DHN4.1T0042*01-B (WP4.1NG160E300) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
1001529382 Flywheel housing
2230307/SZ generator
612600150270 Oil pan assembly
1005118253 Three-way catalytic converter
DHN2.3K0021*01 (WP2.3NQ130E50) Diesel engine for passenger cars (supporting frozen)
28201686/PJGS four packages
DHP10Q0942*01 (WP10.336) truck diesel engine
1007990248 water pump
9000000572 Hexagonal flange bolt
1000034867 gasket
DHL10N0087*01 WP10.336E53 diesel engine
1002689775 Front exhaust manifold
2060121 Intake branch pipe
612600116650 Bracket
612600090442 Bracket
2027667 Front bracket welding (left)
DHN4.1T0062*01 WP4.1NG175E301 diesel engine for agricultural machinery
DHN2.3Q0184*01-B WP2.3NQ130E61 truck diesel engine
1000583680 Exhaust pipe
1000480466 Fan connection plate
1001860799Z heat exchanger
1004734522 Flywheel
15010850R rear oil seal seat
DHP13Q0066*01 (WP13.480E401) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)
1001483770 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
13052784 WP6C/WP4C series marine diesel engine operation and maintenance instructions
1000557954 Turbocharger
612600111848 Bracket
W20302060F camshaft bushing
1001714867 water pump
1000268206 Pipe joint
612600040821 Connector
612600081129 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
13026190 Hexagon head bolt
1001207353 Hexagonal flange bolt
13023732 Flywheel (disabled)
612630140061 heat exchanger
13037977 Oil and gas separator
611600020012 crankshaft pulley
612600082205 3rd cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly
9000000716 Hexagonal flange bolt
612600090482M1 starter
2190661 fan
1002509530 Water pipe assembly
13026151 Flywheel housing connecting ring
1006991002 support block
1003866166 Hexagonal flange face lock nut
1001076785 Exhaust pipe
12273290 Oil cooler
1000089815 clutch housing
1001818119 Front end cover
2SWGY-NJ131-24V water temperature sensor plug
612601080334Y Fuel injection pump assembly
2063177 Intake manifold gasket
90003934311 Retaining ring for hole
610800220244 SCR box assembly
28757/PJGSL Oil Transfer Pump 4102PL
DHP13Q0923*01-B (WP13.550E501) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)
2040860 φ300 driven plate assembly
1002747076 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
1010016621 Compressor outlet pipe assembly
X6231.640W coolant connecting hose
612630060039 generator
90011620021S double-ended stud
28116/PJGSL water release switch
1001791568 Water pump inlet pipe
13034509 Timing gear chamber
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1000102533 piston
1001873138 Oil dipstick
1001751609 Gas line connecting hose
1002532011 support block
2BLS-M10X20/8.8 hexagonal bolt
1000268034 Hexagonal flange bolt
2027791 Camshaft Bushing
1006983629 engine bracket
1002462071 Tension wheel bracket assembly
612640080403 Engine wiring harness (matched and frozen)
612700020007 Spiral spring oil ring
2090080120D fuel injector
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610800050164 Camshaft timing gear
1001025037 Poly V-belt
1001936022Z Intercooler
13035374 Flywheel housing
1000132995 EGR cooler bracket
13037133 gasket
1001134577 Positioning sleeve
13058468 Exhaust valve seat
13022068 Hexagon head bolt
2090080008 Speed control handle
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612600130130 air compressor
DHD10G0623R*01 (WD10G220E23) diesel engine for engineering machinery
X6260.579 Cover
610800090002 Generator (disabled)
610800010040 Piston nozzle assembly
1002480556 fan
1001590338 Vacuum pump oil return pipe assembly
615T3170046 Flywheel bolt
28062/PJGSL cylinder head short bolts
1007039753 Body assembly
1000161105 Inlet pipe cover
1222774 Sealing gasket
1000268328 Turbocharger
1007156473 Gas line connecting hose
1006582101 crankshaft pulley
13051324 Gasket
1006758664 Rocker arm assembly
13070044 Fuel inlet pipe
1004391477 Cylinder head cover gasket
12164651 Main bearing bolt
610800030017 connecting rod bushing
1000848415 Air filter bracket
1003496299 Pipe clamp assembly
1000879877 Intake valve seat
1008750705 Air compressor assembly
13034339 Flywheel housing
DHP03K0100*01 WP3Q116E50 diesel engine
1009050969 Engine wiring harness
13026813 Gas line connecting hose
1001765078 crankshaft pulley bolt
1001904787Z heat exchanger
1000409374 Supercharger oil pipe assembly
13026020 Flange (platform frozen)
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Z20280012 Vacuum regulator suction hose
612600115364 Gas line connecting hose
1000317407 Clutch driven plate assembly
DHN4.6Q0025*01 (WP4.6NQ220E50) truck diesel engine
1001039750 High voltage line assembly
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1000889995 Engine front left bracket
1001031230 Hexagon socket head screw
9000000442 Hexagonal flange bolt
1003150764 Urea tank
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Z20280033 EGR cooler
1000750099 Generator
13034087M1 torsional vibration absorber
1005330532 crankshaft pulley
1008083389 Fuel primary filter
1013170958 Radiator
1001750334 DPM water inlet pipe
DHP15Q0026*01-B WP15NG500E61 gas machine