• xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B
  • xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B
  • xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B
  • xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B

xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B

xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B
  • xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B
  • xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B
xinchai spare parts Cylinder piston repair kit A498B
1002500415 DPM return pipe assembly
1005771909 SCR
1000183438 Lower thrust piece
13034856 Fuel injection pump assembly
2220152/SZ EGR wiring harness parts
DHN03Q0012*01 (WP3NQ160E61) truck diesel engine
1003155000 Camshaft bushing
1001589871 Clutch cover assembly
612630140086 water pipe
DHP06K0421*01 WP6NG210E50 natural gas engine (discontinued)
1012663063 Water pump inlet pipe
2BLS-M10X32/8.8-GB5783 hexagonal bolt
1001851522Z Turbocharger
13053021 Flywheel housing
99112530269 Supercharger intercooler
1003494197 Intercooling tube bracket
330202000336 Valve bridge seat
1002273300 Pipe clamp assembly (platform frozen)
330205001188 Pad
13023571 Single layer high pressure oil pipe
13021930 Supercharger oil inlet pipe
1003453440 Air motor assembly
2090080151 Pipe clamp assembly
1001330960 Air intake pipe assembly
1001991403 Supercharger insulation layer
612600090567 Protective cap
2160183 Oil pump assembly
1007156378 Gas line connecting hose
612600110386 Diffuser tube assembly
1010309613 Fuel injector
1000356119 Exhaust pipe assembly
612630060789 Hexagon head bolt
13020594 Fan spacer
612640160056 Water pipe joint
90003813471S double-ended stud
610800150022 Oil baffle
1001695270 Oil and gas separator air inlet pipe
DHP12Q1281*01 WP12.375E50 diesel engine (discontinued)
1007841791 Oil cooler assembly
1001430708 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
13055158 Oil filter seat assembly
1001005873 Turbocharger
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1007758998 Turbocharger
1006352938 air filter body
1002296587 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
2021808/SZ generator bracket
2028611/SZ front bracket welding (left)
612600082010 tube
1000363527 SCR box assembly
DHP08Q0030*01-B WP8.350E61 truck diesel engine
1000404516 Fuel return pipe
90011400065 Hexagonal flange bolt
1002264307 Tension pulley
1002975997M1 Turbocharger
1000645310 clutch housing
DH4.1T0077*01-B (WP4.1G100E301) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
1000072517 Crankshaft sub-assembly
2105110104A Supercharger assembly
1000971748 Coarse filter-fuel transfer pump fuel pipe assembly
1006169402 Mixer assembly
9000000594 Hexagonal flange bolt
2LX-C0810 Diesel filter element
1001432723 Engine front right bracket
612600014662 Oil dipstick assembly
612600900246 Body assembly
1007038128 Gas line connecting hose
1000054144 Intercooling tube bracket
612630010674 Oil pan bracket
DHP06T0543*01 (WP6G160E310A) Diesel engine for agricultural machinery
2190570 Electromagnetic fan clutch water pump assembly
1004251479 Speed controller
612600061687 Poly V-belt
612600130651 Air compressor assembly
2014226 sealing gasket
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28199/PJGSL cylinder bed
28690/PJGSL Generator cast iron bracket QFK
1003644463 Engine wiring harness
1001431275 Air tube
15033560B flange
612600191096 Box type catalytic muffler assembly
1001218441 Clutch driven plate assembly
2021824/SZ cylinder liner
90003934260 Retaining ring for hole
13055403 Fan connection plate
2090150116B Oil pan gasket
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1001739035 Fuel pipe bracket
2062736 Inlet branch pipe
1001737296 Pipe clamp assembly
9000000145 O-shaped rubber seal
1001758181 sealing ring
1001930377 board
610800060391 Water pipe joint
1000131036A Weichai power core assembly
1001010372 Combination sealing gasket
1001878292 Air compressor assembly
2170189 Gas line connecting hose
1000496161 Automatic tensioning wheel
1000415479 Water pump middle spacer
Z20230090 Supercharger oil return pipe
13038395 Connecting rod bushing
1001314758 Supercharger oil return pipe
Z32001337 belt
2230199 Flame preheating controller assembly
1002854041 Engine rear left bracket
1003624499 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
1005236820 support rod
1001849541 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
1008062657 Urea tank sensor
610800040085 Exhaust valve guide
1002829302 O-shaped rubber seal
612630110394 Turbocharger
JCP12Q0012*01 WP12.400E62 Diesel engine for construction machinery
612630100009 Fan bracket assembly
1004660804 Thermostat assembly
DH4.1Q0087-B (YZ4DB1-40 CB18 pump) truck diesel engine (discontinued)
1001583690 Oil dipstick assembly
61800040074 Outlet pipe
612640160112 Thermostat cover
1001122197 Body assembly
612600113109 Intercooler intake pipe
13060191 ECU spacer
612600110408 Gas line connecting hose
1000712806 water pump
1000174839 Oil filter bracket
612600191127 ECU wiring harness
2027128 Generator adjustment mount
1002281570 muffler
1003394039 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
DH4.1Q0030 (YZ4DB2-40 CB18 pump) truck diesel engine (discontinued)
1005972346 Wiring harness bracket
1002620937 Intercooler intake pipe
1000103786 Oil cooler bracket
90011430043 Hexagonal flange face-toothed bolts
610800010098 Oil pipe assembly (discontinued)
W21772084G sealing plug
1007119178 Oil filter element
610800020084 crankshaft sub-assembly
612600012480 Oil pipe assembly
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1010425607 Differential pressure connecting pipe
1008380626 Oil dipstick assembly
612600080343 Oil pump
1013934697 Gear oil routine maintenance package
2190626 Coolant connecting hose
331002000182 Hexagonal flange bolt
1000578732 Air compressor assembly
1008982739 Supercharger insulation layer
1013223306 Package surcharge
1008788509 Engine wiring harness
1003162565 Engine repair kit
41901425F Hex flange face bolt
Z107647 Protective cover gasket
1003902949 Oil seal
13021541 Exhaust pipe
1005753438 Post-processing insulation layer
330208000234 Intercooling tube bracket
2090060136 Blocking cover
615Q0170009 Ring spring inner ring
1011431499 spacer
612600020939 crankshaft assembly
610800111276 DPM fuel inlet pipe assembly
612630080395 Engine wiring harness
612640110138 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
2040871 Flywheel assembly
1002142365 Idler pulley
1000587218 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly
612600083675 5th cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly
1003289603 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
1001611641 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe
13021170 Body assembly
1007592626 crankshaft pulley
612600900066 Body assembly
1006577232 Bracket
1000620246 Engine hanging plate
1004093216 Hydraulic pump assembly
1000558925 Soundproof cover
1002449013 DPM oil inlet pipe assembly
610800070281 Filter gasket
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2102080108A Fuel injector return pipe assembly
331005000372 Fuel pipe assembly
610800060120 fan clutch
1008541483 Turbocharger
1001867152 muffler
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15012250N cylinder head gasket
2063154/SZ intake pipe
612640130858 Integrated urea tank assembly
DHL10G0037*01 WP10G210E343 diesel engine (discontinued)
1006398862 Connecting rod lower tile
DH4.1Q0002 (WP4.1Q160E50) Passenger car diesel engine
1000130172 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
13025553 Hydraulic pump cover
1001743266 Engine front bracket
1003995409 Card sleeve type end straight connector body
1008984953 clamp
1007117502 SCR
2027535/SZ air pump gear
612600116761 Front exhaust manifold
1000722561 Speed controller
612630030322 Observation hole cover
1001047504 Supercharger bracket
612600080218 Manual oil pump (platform frozen)
1003838909 Fuel inlet pipe assembly (platform frozen)
1000294909 Double-layer high-pressure oil pipe
1001332007 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
13032055+001 Cylinder head sub-assembly
1001563128 Observation hole cover
1000419761 Oil cooler return pipe
2102730103 EGR cooler water inlet pipe assembly
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1005196906 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
2100244 Fuel injection advancer
13021312 Retaining ring for hole
1003253310 Oil dipstick tube upper assembly
1006639930 crankshaft assembly
612700010149 Oil filter
77752430L Hexagon socket head screw
1008747255 Fuel Water Cold Treasure
13026227 High-pressure oil pipe assembly (discontinued)
612600130140 Hydraulic pump
1006730397 Flywheel housing assembly
2030658/SZ Piston
1002328731 DPM oil inlet pipe assembly
331008000479 Air filter bracket
612600100008 fan
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612630180123 Yuanhangbao wiring harness
610800110605 Compressor intake pipe
1000157826 Oil filter outlet pipe
1001556747 hollow bolt
DHP03K0055-B (WP3Q130E50) Passenger car dieselOil engine
1001596252 water pump
13056747 Oil cooler water inlet pipe
1004442001 Intercooler outlet pipe assembly
1006398857 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
13024693 Air intake pipe bracket
13051843 Fuel filter (discontinued)
1002052017 Yuanhangbao wiring harness
2220016/SZ Instrument and line installation assembly
2085110173 Supercharger oil return pipe
614070060 Oil pump drive gear
1001033174 Air compressor bracket
1000714919 Oil line connecting hose
2021952/SZ air compressor
13025177 Exhaust pipe (matched for freezing)
612600090123 alternator
1002443099 cover
1008704658 Weichai power core assembly (WP2.3N National V diesel engine)
2250979 flameout drawing bracket
1001185263 Fan clutch assembly
610800110364 Turbocharger
1000083601 Steel belt combined oil ring
612601080522 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1002320633 Bracket
13022986 Fuel return pipe
612600083330 Injector return pipe assembly
2KG/TH hose hoop
2040610 crankshaft pulley
1000132162 Air compressor water inlet pipe assembly
1002012321 Pipe clamp assembly
2010208 cylinder head front cover
1004182314 Coolant connecting hose
13066058M1 starter
612601111007 Turbocharger
612600060898 Windshield
1012796673 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe assembly
2040986 Exhaust pipe
1006612012 engine wiring harness
90011520034S double-ended stud
612600013023 Engine front left bracket
13030255 Water pump middle block
1000712774 Poly V-belt
1004440645 Engine hanging plate
Z107529 flywheel bolt
Z20050022 Spiral spring oil ring
612600113985 Hexagonal flange face toothed bolt
1002141881 Oil and gas separator return pipe assembly
610800030020 Piston pin
1002212725 Pipe clamp assembly
1001012712 Starter wiring harness
612600014284 Oil line connecting hose
DHP03Q0039 () Truck diesel engine
13027075 Oil pan (discontinued)
612600114951 Intercooler intake pipe
2105540155 bracket
2027629B cylinder liner
1003253300 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe
2220137/SZ rubber hose
X6231.535W water outlet pipe
2105110125 Turbocharger
13066024Z intercooler
DHP06T0396*01-B (WP6G220E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
61560030009 piston
2063041 Coolant connecting hose
1001767805 radiator
612639000108 hollow bolt
1001136126 SCR box assembly
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1004379007 Pipe joint
1007990066 gasket
1003158550 Camshaft assembly
1000318913 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
90011270067 Hexagon head bolt full thread (discontinued)
1001546028 Pipe joint
DH4.1T0214*01 WP4.1G130E440 Diesel engine for agricultural machinery
2102990101 DOC_POC assembly
612600113745 Water jacket exhaust pipe
DH4.1Q0214*01 (WP4.1Q160E50) truck diesel engine
2062998/1 intake pipe
13052831 Fixed bracket
1006238749 Muffler bracket
Z20050073 plug
1003384452 Exhaust pipe heat shield
1011164517 Water pipe assembly
610800190505 Heat exchanger fresh water inlet pipe
DHH09Q0041*01-B (WP9H350E62) truck diesel engine
1002355555 Electronic control unit
2100283/SZ high pressure oil pump
612630080561 fuel filter
1001016434 Turbocharger
1000806139 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
1000175410 O-shaped rubber seal (platform frozen)
612600130753 Gasket
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612600112817M1 Exhaust gas injection tube assembly
2B090024 toothed belt
1006852552 Water pipe assembly
1000047976 Oil cooler oil outlet pipe
612600140120 Coolant connecting hose
612600081789 board
1000389298 Rubber shock absorber
1000531413 Wiring harness bracket
1000709303 Engine front left bracket
1003876151 crankshaft pulley
13053280 cylinder head gasket
90013050059 Hexagon socket head screw
1000502819 Oil filter bracket
612600140210 Expansion water tank bracket
612630040029 Injector bushing seal
1003418834 Air compressor return pipe
Z20080006 body screw plug
610800080713 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly
1001133953 flywheel
612600080799A Oil transfer pump
610800190595 Injection valve bracket
612600070506 Oil filter element
410800110314 Pipe clamp assembly
JCB06T0006 WP6T140E22 diesel engine
410800110027 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
1002599734 Turbocharger (platform frozen)
2102710119A Socket harness bracket 2
1006462666 starter
1000645456 Electronic control unit
612630110690 Sensor holder
610800160036 Outlet pipe joint
2190438 water pump pulley
61560020016 crankshaft pulley
DHP13G0177-000*01-B WP13G530E470 diesel engine
612600114592 Intake take-up
LD28380000001 reducer
1010989639 Outlet pipe
1000049183 Oil line connecting hose
610800040132 Exhaust pipe heat shield
1001047657 Turbocharger
1002894100 Air conditioning compressor bracket
1005170101 Fuel injector
61560080229 5th cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly
612600040566 Oil cooler cover gasket
1000158126 heater
2028518 Split fork spherical strut
331004000297 Pre-supply pump oil outlet pipe
1000049167 Pipe clamp assembly
1001561544 Coolant connecting hose
612640130158 Connector
1007295587 Flywheel housing assembly
2260171 Supercharger oil return pipe welding
330202000246S Hexagon head bolt
1002018137 Oil filter element
1000146596 Fuel return pipe assembly
1003083585 Fixed bracket
612600114278 Gasket
77727196HJ console
1006600212 crankshaft assembly
612600114991 air filter body
1000588250 Flywheel housing
13059065 Body assembly
DHP15Q0031*01-B WP15NG530E61 gas machine
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2027174 Front bracket welding (left)
61500020073 triangle belt
1000619036 Fan bracket assembly
1010797480 Oil pan
1004576042 O-shaped rubber seal
1001001525 Intercooler water outlet pipe
1000940164 gas pipe