• xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004
  • xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004
  • xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004
  • xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004
  • xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004
  • xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004

xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004

No. 490BPG-82004
xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004 
  • xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004
  • xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004
  • xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004
xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BPG-82004 

612600040184 Outlet pipe
1000736003 Air filter bracket
2160332 Oil pump driven gear
DHD10G0310*01 (WD10G220E21) diesel engine for construction machinery
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610800190677 Temperature control module return pipe
1006068007 Turbocharger
612600010737 Front bracket (right)
13068735 Multi V-belt
1000812041 sealing ring
2130140 oil pan
Z20200135 clip
612600115551 Intercooler pipe
1003624501 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
1002428602 Fan clutch assembly
DHP13Q3199*01-B WP13.550E62 truck diesel engine
Z20220014 idler bracket
610800010232 Body reinforcement plate
1001296204 Starter wiring harness
612600013243 Camshaft gear cover gasket
1003145558 Pipe joint assembly
1007156735 Gas line connecting hose
612600130822 Gas line connecting hose
2190311 water pump
1003746369 Air conditioning compressor bracket
1009750906 Generator
1000914530 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
2102090101 Reduction starter motor
1004939415 Poly V-belt
612600180059 Instrument bracket
1000056679 Common rail pipe bracket
1000050615 pipe clamp
612600115738 EGR outlet pipe assembly
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1000726473 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
13024805 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
DHN4.6G0056*01-B WP4.6NG175E301 diesel engine for engineering machinery
1001757689 Hexagon socket plug
1000129168 crankshaft pulley
2102010002A Flywheel housing assembly
1000375487 Timing gear room
612600090721 Vehicle diagnostic computer WP-VDS100
612600082250 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
2230320/SZ starter motor
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
2014649 cylinder head short bolt
61500090061 triangle belt
1000293211 Oil filter
1001770243 Hexagonal flange face lock nut
610800070012 Oil cooler cover gasket
9000000537 O-shaped rubber seal
1004839632 Observation hole cover
28526/PJGSL oil cutting
1003877691 Oil filter element
1003714074 Support block
X6260.222 filter assembly
2120132 Fuel injection pump fuel inlet pipe assembly
612600062294 Windshield
1000587173 Water pipe assembly
2190741/SZ water tank inlet pipe
1000132288 Connector cover
13025820 heater
1003354307 Exhaust pipe bolt
1000729584 Primary air filter
1005559466 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1000881425 support block
1007061305 DOC_DPF assembly
612600160032 Coolant connecting hose
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
90003931122 Spring washer
1000174439 Cylindrical pin
1002202015 Venturi flow meter assembly
1001191343 clutch housing
612600115784 Bracket
1006284899 Fuel filter assembly
1001295787 Poly V-belt
1000105308 Drain valve
1007713342 Body assembly
1006481265 Water pipe assembly
2100356 connection disk
DHN4.6Q0038*01 (WP4.6NQ220E61) truck diesel engine
1004691018 Auxiliary brake wiring harness
1000951753 Fuel pipe bracket
612600060352 Poly V-belt
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
611600150006 sealing ring
DHB04T0016*01 WP4T95E20 (71kW/2300r/min diesel engine) (discontinued)
1000958401 Electronic control unit
15531251V Emergency water valve
13073829 Oil dipstick assembly
612650120006 Intake take-up
1003384943 Urea tank sensor
13039237+001 Cylinder head sub-assembly
1002163116 Main bearing upper shoe
1000719824 Supercharger heat shield
2027575/SZ air compressor
1011994580 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe
1006622439 Air compressor assembly
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612600082055M1 Fuel Water Cold Treasure
13053900 Oil pan assembly
1010146228 Mixed intake pipe
13022440 Muffler bracket plate
1001134198 Turning mechanism
612600080109 screw
DHP12Q1684*01 WP12.375E50 diesel engine (discontinued)
13054046 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
13074697 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
1000663155 Tightening bolt bracket
Z20280023 EGR cooler water outlet pipe
612600090482 starter
612600090991 Fixed bracket
612600061942 water pump body
9000000082 Hexagonal flange bolt
612630020016M1 shock absorber
90011270046 Hexagon head bolt full thread
610800190668 Air rail assembly
1000100489 Bracket
610800540007 Engine front right bracket
1003197788 piston
612630060449 Pipe joint
1003463420 support block
1001413198 Oil cooler return pipe assembly
1002530683 sealing ring
12159194 push rod
13052823 Engine front left bracket
612600061987 Poly V-belt
1004037418 Transition bracket
612600114606Y Turbocharger
13057162 Fuel drain pan
2130495/SZ Oil dipstick riveted
1139277 Hexagon socket head screw
1002610695 Fan cover assembly
1003314815 Connector assembly
1000045740 Oil line connecting hose
612600083287Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
13072831 clamp
2220126/SZ rubber hose
1003125718 Fixed bracket
1011394436 Mixer assembly
1000747349 sleeve
1001671505 Air compressor intake pipe
610800010137 Hexagon head bolt
2120961 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
1001043384 Supercharger gasket
330208000300 bolt
1007747850 Turbocharger
2190618/SZ electromagnetic water pump fan clutch assembly
1006108268 Bracket
1001416925Z heat exchanger
1003100436 cylinder head bolt
1008088044 Fuel primary filter element
1002633404 Support block
1004520131 cylinder head gasket
1010110844 Turbocharger
612600130168 Hydraulic pump
15020180H Piston pin
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1007156891 Air compressor intake pipe
13031267 Air filter element
DHP06T0134*01 WP6G165E330 diesel engine
612600011988 End cap
2022269/SZ front bracket welding (left)
1002573246 Poly V-belt
DHP13Q1075*01 WP13NG430E61 gas machine
13065062 EGR cooler bracket
1000419688 Flywheel connection ring
1002257550 radiator
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1000509075 Body assembly
612600100202 Fixed bracket
1001739790 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1003478907 cylinder liner
DHB06T0185 WP6T180E200 diesel engine
DHP12Q0495*01 316kW/1900r/min diesel engine (matching frozen)
612600010222 Rear bracket (right)
DHN2.3Q0024*01-B (WP2.3NQ130E50) truck diesel engine
1003179146 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
13062538 Oil line connecting hose
13073857 Exhaust valve seat
DHB06T0100 WP6T110E22 diesel engine (discontinued)
DHL10G0026*01-B (WP10G220E341) diesel engine for engineering machinery
1003774645 Wiring harness bracket
1003582706 Seawater pump
1001085478 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
LD22952000003 (HMFB155-02) hydraulic motor
2190524/SZ Heat exchanger fresh water inlet pipe
612600012996 cover
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W22332007G clamping block
610800010256 Flywheel housing
2102040194 Wiring harness bracket
1005004933 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
1001358264Z intercooler
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13058610 Gear cover
13031966 Drain valve
2102090122A Generator
331005001203 Card sleeve type end straight connector body
13053349 Engine front right bracket

1001853830 clamp
1010263222 Support block
1013709435 Diesel engine routine maintenance package
13024906 Air intake pipe
1004980716 O-shaped rubber seal
1002070440 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly
H40-060 WP2.5 automotive diesel engine (discontinued)
612600115763 EGR cooler
DHH10K0094*01-B (WP10H375E62) Passenger car diesel engine
610800110662 Turbocharger
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2062865 intake pipe
1000743655 Fuel injection pump flange assembly
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612600112168 Primary air filter
2090010146 Flywheel housing assembly (platform frozen)
1011431896 Water pipe joint
1000132284 Secondary locking plate
DHP06Q0175*01 WP6.180E40 diesel engine (discontinued)
612600060512 flange
612630061081 Bracket
612600160050 Coolant connecting hose
612601080328Y ESC fuel injection pump assembly
1000588402 water pump
1008931358 Fan bracket assembly
1000608839 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
612600116353 Hexagonal flange face toothed nut
1001823688 Coupling
13024698 Clutch cover assembly
612600030060 piston
DHP06T0419*01 (WP6G140E331) Diesel engine for agricultural machinery (matching frozen)
1013259078 Diesel engine extended warranty maintenance package
1004031487 fuel filter
1007156358 Gas line connecting hose
1004491398 Engine wiring harness
612600020333 flange
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
612630080742 Connector assembly
1001276418 Body assembly
612630061042 water pump
13027135 Supercharger oil return pipe
1002151544 Combination sealing gasket
610800110480 muffler assembly
13026353 hollow bolt
612600113664Z Turbocharger
1000858604 Air compressor cover
1000054624 Gas line connecting hose
28201563/PJGS Generator Vacuum Pump
DH2.3Q0238-200*01-B WP2.3Q140E62 truck diesel engine
1000077203 intake pipe
612600090907 Flame preheating device assembly
1004665694 DOC assembly
DHP10N0094*01 247kW/2200r/min diesel engine (discontinued)
1001061329 SCR catalytic muffler
612600112854 Bracket
1002229582 Exhaust pipe
612600061403 water pump (disabled)
1003696641 Double-layer high-pressure oil pipe assembly
13065653 Hexagon socket head screw
2063096 Turbocharger
1004661185 valve body
1000059374 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
1000551047 Blocking cover
9000000729 Hexagonal flange bolt
13057640 Bracket
13034230 Exhaust gas injection tube assembly
2AV17X1270 triangle belt
610800060142 connector
41772150F screw plug
1001715367 Oil dipstick assembly
1000498695 Air intake pipe
15540151T oil safety valve
13064734+001 Body assembly
612600111051 Supercharger oil return pipe
13053972 Air intake pipe
13024433 Air compressor return pipe
2160235 Spline sleeve
2100249/SZ transition cover
1012364764 Diesel engine basic maintenance package
1000367110 crankshaft
1000165025 radiator
28909/PJGSL air pump assembly 2B3
1000836856 Air compressor assembly
1004433421Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
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1005232428 Exhaust manifold
612600113031 cover
1002579877 Built-in thermostat
9000000368 Hexagonal flange bolt
JCP13Q0001*01 WP13G530E310 diesel engine
90013050132 Hexagon socket head screw
A03-362 YZ4102QF
2270186/SZ Tension pulley bracket
1000363521 SCR catalytic muffler
2100410/SZ1 oil pump bracket bracket
1001354323 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
1011936933 clamp
1001446653 Wastegate valve intake pipe
1004060818 Water filter inlet pipe assembly
2027413/SZ generator bracket
15100950B supercharger bracket
1008091644 Fuel coarse filter element
1001732667 O-shaped rubber seal
612630010069S cylinder head bolt
612600140107 Throttle flexible shaft
13030817EE43 Gasket
13603730N Bracket
DHP10Q1926*01 (WP10.380E32) truck diesel engine
1001035882 High pressure oil pipe assembly
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1004969809 Lower thrust piece
DHP04T0136*01 (WP4G160E331) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
610800120003 Intercooler outlet pipe
28765/PJGSL cylinder liner 4105
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
331050000090 Oil cooler assembly
1004496892 Coolant connecting hose
13036412+001 Body assembly
612600115925 Compressor intake pipe
2027937 Air conditioning compressor
61564D60810 Parking solenoid
1000958841 Electronic throttle
1003125122 Muffler bracket
2263260/SZ supercharger oil return pipe welding
1000132346 Air intake pipe
1001777381 starter
1002020930 starter
612600080165 board
1001957317 Pipe clamp assembly
612600083238 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
2014800/SZ Intake air pressure temperature sensor wiring harness bracket
1002255857 Intake take-up
612640130251 Temperature sensor
1001134204 generator
1001033617 clutch housing
1002326880 Exhaust pipe (complete with freezing)
1000702519 Oil filter element
1007978825 Cylinder head sub-assembly
612600900150M1 body assembly
2160330/SZ oil pump gasket
612630060439 Blocking cover
2010369/1 Rocker shaft assembly
615T1070300 oil filter bracket
612630060256 engine bracket
1002093436 Engine wiring harness
1000931996 Flywheel bolt
610800110158M1 supercharger assembly
28200304/PJGS exhaust valve seat
1000270885 triangle belt
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1000433412 air filter body
2021117 Front bracket welding (left)
1004358083 Screw-in joint
1002363382 Fuel primary filter
1006387846 Exhaust pipe bracket
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1000522894 Water pipe joint
2014218 Cylinder head front cover assembly
1001721018 Exhaust pipe bracket
1001225798 SCR catalytic muffler
610800170017 Clutch cover assembly
1000889077M1 air compressor assembly
1002354461 Heat exchanger fresh water inlet pipe
2021644/SZ flywheel housing
2010175 rocker arm seat bolt
612600080370 High pressure oil pipe
612600530024 fan cover
1002369716 piston
13024580 crankshaft pulley
612640080282 2nd cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly
1007372354 EGR intake pipe heat shield
X6231.055W rubber elbow
1005864917 Engine gasket repair kit
2BLS-M10X38/8.8 hexagonal bolt
612600010223 Oil dipstick
DHP10Q0484*01 (WP10.290E32) truck diesel engine
1003980320 Engine front right bracket
13026120 Fuel filter bracket
1001443810 Engine hanging plate
1004695770 Valve bridge assembly
1008133669 Engine wiring harness
1003425740 Mixer assembly
13054486 starter
1003295934 Air filter bracket
1007010605 Windshield bracket
13026892 Turbocharger
612600090210M1 starter
13069977 Bearing spacer
2150002 Fuel injection pump return pipe assembly
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61800061031 Wind protection belt assembly
612630160038 connector
1003445783 Fan bracket assembly
1000366617 Turbocharger
JCP06T0002*01 Diesel engine for agricultural machinery
2230267 Built-in regulator
1001557725 triangle belt
1005012683 DOC
2040656 crankshaft pulley
1002177355 Outlet pipe