• xinchai spare parts  Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010  490BT-02010-1
  • xinchai spare parts  Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010  490BT-02010-1
  • xinchai spare parts  Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010  490BT-02010-1
  • xinchai spare parts  Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010  490BT-02010-1

xinchai spare parts Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010 490BT-02010-1

No.490BT-02010-1 490BT-02010
xinchai spare parts  Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010  490BT-02010-1
  • xinchai spare parts  Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010  490BT-02010-1
  • xinchai spare parts  Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010  490BT-02010-1
xinchai spare parts  Hydraulic pump gear 490BT-02010  490BT-02010-1

1001447006 Pipe clamp assembly
612600191419 Gas line connecting hose
1001700984 connection disk
1007038147 Coolant connecting hose
612600190309 connector
1003141926 EGR cooler water outlet pipe assembly
DHP07Q0722*01-B WP7.300E61 truck diesel engine
1000229118 crankshaft pulley
Z107633 engine coolant pipe
90003802493 Hexagon head bolt
1002571938 Special engine maintenance tools
DHL10Q0032*01-B (WP10.336E53) truck diesel engine
1002915399 Radiator
610800081321 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1000964807A Fuel primary filter element
1008962199 Exhaust pipe assembly
1002564901 O-shaped rubber seal
1005620771 Outlet pipe
1003606139 Exhaust valve seat
1003126876 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
612600010445 Pipe clamp assembly
330205000866 Fixed bracket
28840/PJGSL clutch housing (min) ZLQ
1000405449 pipe joint
13052108 Gas pipe
612700010060 hollow bolt
1006197236 Poly V-belt
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2030205C1 piston
13022045 water pipe
612640130159 SCR box
61560110047 Air pipe assembly
1000875232 Poly V-belt
1001778886 Intercooler
1002032712 Oil and gas separator insulation layer
612630110919 bolt
28201566/PJGS Machine filter seat 4102D
13058879 Intake pipe
612600020137 crankshaft pulley
612600091111 starter
1002182740 sleeve
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1000855458 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1007908744M1 Turbocharger
1010839767 Flywheel flange
2021509 Air filter bracket
X6260.344 Single-layer high-pressure oil pipe for the 5th and 8th cylinders
61568D110003-1 Exhaust pipe flange
1002113002Z heat exchanger
1000792167 Turbocharger
1001673495 Bracket
1001833820 Flywheel assembly
1000766673 Fuel primary filter
410800110064 Exhaust pipe
1005656211 Fuel return pipe assembly
Z20030043 generator bracket
612640160077 sealing gasket
12272285 Pipe joint
611600040012 Cylinder head sub-assembly
2020323 Front bracket welding
1009849260 DPF assembly
2020848 air compressor
1001072917 Intake valve seat
612600010777 number plate
1003908678 Oil filter inlet pipe assembly
1001944130 piston
2100424 Oil pump bracket bracket
DH4.1T0133*01 (WP4.1G133E311) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
13050448 Pressure reducer
DHL10G0193*01-B (WP10G220E341) diesel engine for construction machinery
2121168 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1006355167 Oil filter element
1001432167 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
DH615Q1677*01 (WD615.71) truck diesel engine
612600060853 water pump
1001031898 Signal plate
2085020113 signal plate
1000928984 Exhaust pipe bolt
1002323887 support block
612600114230 Intercooler pipe
1000020465 High pressure oil pipe assembly
13037700 Flywheel housing
1001590402 Exhaust pipe outlet pipe
1002165875 spacer
W20182069F camshaft
1000567893 Blind blocking
1003111035 Bleed pipe assembly
90015310003 pin
1002677233 Shock absorbing pad
612600900138 Body assembly
612600140064 Rubber pad
1000582859 Fixed bracket
1003107628 Bracket
1000181334 Exhaust pipe
1001235441 Fan bracket assembly
DHL10Q0779*01-B (WP10.336E53) truck diesel engine
1003158792 Oil cooler repair kit
13070212 Pipe clamp
1000444739 Fuel filter assembly
13068883+001 Cylinder head sub-assembly
1002076898 Muffler bracket
DHB06T0080*01 WP6T200E200 diesel engine
1004595311 Wiring harness bracket
13060035+001 Cylinder head sub-assembly
X6231.382W exhaust pipe bracket
612600140308Y heat exchanger
Z33002128 heat shield
13065295 crankshaft
2190566/SZ water tank
1001939342 Oil and gas separator return pipe
2BLS-M8X30 hexagonal bolt
1001174040 Stud
1001158056 Front end cover
612600112174 Intercooler outlet pipe
2105020111 signal plate
1005947326A Filter element assembly
612600080028 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
DHP12Q2790*01 (WP12.430E50) truck diesel engine
1000081967 Flange
612600070193 Filter assembly
2020281 Front bracket welding
1000132380 Water pump pulley
612600116218 tube
1006123064 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
1001988699 cylinder head cover gasket
2160332/SZ oil pump driven gear
1002329522 DPM return pipe assembly
2102730108 Cooler outlet pipe gasket
1002315991 sleeve
1002145903 Engine front right bracket
90015050020 Cylindrical pin
77717510E Hand press oil pump
1008602492 Insulation layer
1003236425 Vehicle wiring harness
14210300D gasket
DHP07K1043*01 (WP7.270E30) Passenger car diesel engine
X6231.755W bracket
612600070534 Filter flange
1000855199 High pressure oil pipe bracket
1000157202 signal plate
2030217 Connecting rod tile
DHP06Q0543*01 WP6.220E50 diesel engine for construction machinery (matched for freezing)
1002900728 Radiator
DH4.1K0327*01 (WP4.1Q140E50) Passenger car diesel engine
1002008645 Engine wiring harness
90003989294 Bowl plug
611600110183M1 rear exhaust manifold
1003127006 Heat exchanger seawater inlet pipe
AZ1560070025 Fuel injection pump lubricating oil return pipe assembly
1003155620 support block
1001126388 Turbocharger
612630180017 Temperature sensor
1002058979 Muffler assembly
1000279656 valve bridge
612650060019 Oil and gas separator
1000577765 SCR box assembly
1006742666 Fuel return pipe assembly
1002132916 Support block
612600082991 fuel filter
1009007799 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
612600081820 tube
1002013775 Fixed bracket
77718880T pipe joint
1000411694 Sealing gasket
2020300 Oil inlet screw
2021376 Timing gear chamber gasket
612600020295 crankshaft pulley
13021475 Gasket
B03-134 (YZ4105QF) truck diesel engine
610800090085 starter
612600081801M1 fuel pipe assembly
X6231.223W fuel filter bracket
13060194 Connector
2120353/1 Oil pump outlet pipe assembly
1002908913 Support block
1007367967 fan
612600113772 Air filter bracket
Z107519 bolt
13054233 flange
1002014484 Support screw
13061337M1 flywheel housing
1007791272 Oil pan assembly
612600112006 Intake pipe assembly
2027071 Power steering pump
2010482 Cylinder head front cover assembly
1007372583 EVB bracket assembly
1003162020 Water pump return pipe
1002946212 Thermostat body
612600030020A Connecting rod upper tile
2021570/SZ flywheel housing assembly
1002045815 Spin-on oil filter
DHN03Q0372*01 (WP3NQ160E61) truck diesel engine
1003287657 Engine wiring harness
612600061357M1 Tension pulley seat
DHP13Q1852*01-B WP13NG460E61 gas machine
DH3.7Q0129 (3.7 National V) Truck Diesel Engine
612600130125 Air compressor
612630080428 Fuel return pipe assembly
13050511 exhaust pipe