• xinchai parts  Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001
  • xinchai parts  Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001
  • xinchai parts  Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001
  • xinchai parts  Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001

xinchai parts Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001

xinchai parts  Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001
  • xinchai parts  Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001
  • xinchai parts  Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001
xinchai parts  Timing gear cover 490BPG-160001

DH2.3Q0169*01 WP2.3Q140E62 truck diesel engine
1000167133 Fuel filter bracket
1000279399 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1005705189 Generator bracket
1005409879 Pressure difference connecting pipe assembly
1000128165 Flywheel housing
1004697999 Coolant connecting hose
612630060355 water pipe joint
1000971733Z Heat exchanger (platform frozen)
2014051/3 cylinder head cover die casting
1000953713 Turbocharger
2100388 Fuel injection pump bracket
DHN4.1K0038*01-B (WP4.1NQ190E61) Passenger car diesel engine
1006610394 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
9000000346 Stud
2220012/SZ oil pump signal generator
13024451 crankshaft pulley
1013551318 Exhaust pipe gasket
1003157780 Body assembly
1004211165 SCR box assembly
90011260024 Hexagon head bolt
1002006419 Fuel fine filter
1002142796 water pipe
1004378256 crankshaft assembly
612600820573 WD615 Euro II series diesel engine parts album
DHP10Q0644*01 247kW/1900r/min diesel engine-EGR (discontinued)
2011000/SZ thermostat cover
1004596931 Pipe clamp assembly
1000400589 Connecting rod tile
1002602213 Poly V-belt
DHN2.3Q0096*01-B WP2.3NQ130E61 truck diesel engine
612600113060 Middle exhaust manifold
612600061722 Hexagonal flange face lock nut
1000134496 Generator
331004000151 Oil cooler return pipe
90017550005 O-shaped rubber seal
612600111557 muffler
2021438 Air conditioning compressor bracket
1003541423 Hydraulic pump
13038911 Engine rear bracket
1004317463 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
1009850699 water pump
1000106057 Soundproof cover
2021921/SZ vacuum pump oil return pipe component
2014350 Cylinder head mechanical assembly
DHP06K0804*01 (WP6.220E50) Passenger car diesel engine (matching frozen)
612600100113 fan
612600081334A fuel filter element
612600062139 Automatic tensioning wheel
1002425768 Pipe clamp
22082154F Exhaust pipe heat shield
612600070349 oil filter
41901204F Hex flange face bolt
1000884909 Generator
1001378461 Hexagon head bolt
1000915021 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly
1004638729 piston
13053983 Common rail pipe bracket
Z20330015 Thrust piece
1001615024 Body assembly
1003651238 Poly V-belt
13024309 Engine front right bracket
90003960000 half round key
1001896942 Supercharger heat shield assembly
612600130374 Air compressor return pipe assembly
1002365110M1 air compressor assembly
1000450505 Exhaust pipe
1001675532 generator
77719230Z Connector body
612600130446 Air compressor components
612601111029 Supercharger assembly
1002281690 Cooling nozzle assembly
612630140142Z heat exchanger
1003783985 Filter assembly
DH4.1K0262*01 WP4.1Q150E50 Passenger car diesel engine
1000322417 Intercooling pipe assembly
2130330 Oil pan welding
1002053752 Common rail pipe bracket
612600118893 Turbocharger
1001165236 EGR cooler water outlet pipe assembly
2YZ4102PL1-GYYG/T high pressure oil pipe
610800110228 Gasket
1000421809 Engine wiring harness
28201430/PJGS Oil transfer pump LS1442A
1002536519 Water filter bracket
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1002644153 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1000195151 cylinder head cover
90003802411S Hexagon head bolt
610800080326 Fixed bracket
X6231.192W flywheel housing connecting ring
330205000521 Pipe joint
1001933707 Supercharger heat shield assembly
331005000984 Fuel injection pump assembly
1004631042 DOC assembly
1000984650 intake pipe
1004498458 Gasket
13026658 Flywheel (disabled)
610800020036 Hexagon socket head screw
612600011203 Rear bracket (right)
90003813423S double-ended stud
13055035 Pipe clamp assembly
2027587/SZ body
1000186499 Oil line connecting hose
2010246/1 cylinder head
1000141479 Vacuum pump assembly
1000587760 Exhaust pipe insulation layer
1001065269 Intercooler bracket
611600080001 ECU bracket
1006368819 Air compressor return pipe
612630030126 Thrust piece
DHL10G0056*01 (WP10G240E343) diesel engine for engineering machinery
28080/PJGSL tappet
1001349703 Flywheel housing
13055571Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1001443812 Oil and gas separator bracket
90013020026 Slotted pan head screw
612600012200 Oil dipstick assembly
1010131167 Turbocharger
1003873756 Pipe clamp assembly
2021473/SZ1 Power Steering Pump Adjustment Mount
Z30300005 Hexagon socket head screw
1001153012 Automatic tensioning wheel
612600110827 Exhaust gas injection tube assembly
2B090022 triangle belt
1000940543 Muffler insulation layer
90011430080 Hexagonal flange face-toothed bolts
1001433109 air filter
13057490 Oil line connecting hose
1000183899 Oil dipstick assembly
1004502527 pointer
13020583 Water pump pulley
612600900133 Body assembly
2027829/SZ rear oil seal
28643/PJGSL fan belt 1120
1003624466 Bracket
1000068225 intake pipe
DH3.2G0116*01-B WP3.2G50E430 diesel engine for construction machinery
331002000309 Exhaust rocker arm assembly
1001862502Z intercooler
612600012645 cover
1002427578 Intake rocker arm assembly
9000001291 sealing gasket
612600112329 Intake pipe assembly
1001352493 Fan connection plate
13065501 Oil and gas separator bracket
612600090640 Generator bracket
1000333700 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly
2050123 Idler gear
1002025965 Compressor intake pipe assembly
1002053854 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe assembly
13052175 Air compressor intake pipe
1003434457 Water pipe assembly
1001345325 Fuel pipe bracket assembly
2100150 Advancer
1000872056 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1003691740 Rocker arm shaft seat
1001499829 Body assembly
1005195450 Engine wiring harness
13504090J Adjustment screw
1003406090 Body assembly
2102040104 Ventilation pipe joint
1003668904 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
DHP06T0706*01 (WP6G200E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
2190372 water pump assembly
12151395 Piston pin retaining ring
2027631 Front bracket welding
1001253688 Intermediate gear shaft
2021483 Engine front left bracket
612600061030 Fan tray assembly (disabled)
612600116054 Supercharger heat shield
1001595465 Connection plate
X6260.288 fuel filter body
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1002330784 O-shaped rubber seal
612600013586 Front end cover
1006874662 Flywheel housing
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
612600010750 Piston nozzle assembly
1009850774 Exhaust pipe
1000111621 Outlet pipe
612600116303 Compressor intake pipe
2027479C cylinder liner
612600061455 Tension wheel bracket
DH3.7Q0067 WP3.7Q130E401 CB18 pump truck diesel engine
100147 maintenance service
1002612240 Fan connection plate
612601111147 Turbocharger
1001431261 Oil and gas separator return pipe
DHB04T0012*01 WP4T85E20 (63.5kW/2300r/min diesel engine)
612630050088 Tappet
90003800569S Hexagon head bolt
1013260686 Diesel engine extended warranty maintenance package
612700010175 engine bracket
612650060011 Pipe joint
28201653/PJGS diesel filter tank CX0812
612600110187 Muffler bracket
1000340066 Intermediate joint
612600114515 Intake pipe assembly
1008888166 Fuel inlet pipe assembly