• xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT
  • xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT
  • xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT
  • xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT

xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT

No.A495BPG 490BT 495BT
xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT
  • xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT
  • xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT
xinchai spare parts Gasket repair kit A495BPG 490BT 495BT
1004105281 Soundproof cover
1000073843 Crankshaft sub-assembly
1000650707 Intake take-up
2020013C cylinder liner
1010026291 silencer filter
DHP12Q1309*01 WP12.430E40 diesel engine (discontinued)
13037288Z Turbocharger
1153857 O-ring
1007038145 Coolant connecting hose
2060472/SZ EGR intake end connecting pipe
15102520H intercooler bracket
614080061 Single tube clip
1006410903M1 flywheel housing
1002306119 Retaining ring for hole
13069701 Turbocharger
612640060203 Windshield bracket
13074937 Pipe joint
2040197/PJGS crankshaft
1001931076 Support block
1000855073 air filter element
612601111063 Turbocharger
2100402/SZ3 fuel injection pump gear connection plate
612630180018 Oil pressure transmitter
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1001586905 generator
13035731 Water pipe assembly
615T4060135 External thermostat
331002000193 crankshaft pulley
1003581774 Engine wiring harness
1001762093 Connecting rod upper tile
61561110227G Turbocharger
2021111/3 clutch housing
1000577540 Oil pan assembly
13064274 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly
1001639667 muffler
1012178406 water pump
1002004184 Support block
1006282542 Water pipe joint
Z20340007 Connecting rod lower shoe
C03-878 (YZ485QB) truck diesel engine (discontinued)
2030244 Piston
1000338394 Speed sensor bracket
Z20050107 drain valve
1002526889 Air compressor air inlet joint
612600081051Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1008059315 protective cover
13057852 Blocking cover
1000450110 hydraulic pump
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61500060226M1 fan clutch
1000419704 Engine bracket
77752540F SCREW CHC 8 1,25 75 28
410800110118 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
DHN2.3Q0460*01-B (WP2.3NQ130E61) truck diesel engine
1000616172 Fuel pump-fine filter fuel pipe assembly
1001690333 Coolant connecting hose
1005644862 SCR
330302000346 Hexagonal flange bolt
1002966049 Air conditioning compressor bracket
612600140283Y heat exchanger
1000131874 DCU controller
28057/PJGSL front oil baffle pan
1000685955 intake pipe
1001932554 Exhaust pipe assembly (matched for freezing)
1004481341 Body assembly
90013050040 Hexagon socket head screw
612600191374 Hose
1002262973 Cover plate
612600062461 Poly V-belt
1000518359 Oil and gas separator return pipe
1007335756 Engine wiring harness
13036702 Coolant connecting hose
1003194519 EGR cooler
1001171784 protective cover
DHP10Q1467*02 WP10.300E40 diesel engine (discontinued)
612640130210 Urea tank cover
1005861176 Oil pan assembly
13060745 intake pipe
612630080323 Fuel inlet pipe
1001180441 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
1004272872 Sensor holder
2027433/SZ air compressor oil return pipe combination
1006606932 Urea tank
1007733096 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe
1110843 Hexagon socket head screw
1005762412 Water pump inlet pipe
1000743867 Oil pan bracket
612640160141 water pipe
1002365971 Coolant connecting hose
612600090766 Pressure temperature sensor
2014377/PJGS cylinder head sub-assembly
13023709 Hydraulic pump base assembly
13026707 Bracket
1001238001 Bleed tube
612600012230 engine bracket
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1004653114 Speed controller
1001828278 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1007703439 Cylinder head sub-assembly
1007579148 DOC
2022256 air compressor
1002454984 water pump
612600083033 High pressure oil pipe assembly
612600180122 Dashboard
Z30250007 cylindrical pin
1002069263 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly
612600110488 Fixed bracket
13023503 Coolant connecting hose
Z20090041 pad
1000432875 Clutch driven plate
1000130285 Oil pan assembly
13027522*01 TD226B-3D1 (50kW/1800r/min diesel engine)
1002900723 Radiator
1003410214 Post-processing mounting bracket
1001902326 Air compressor assembly
612600082135 screw
2050321 Camshaft thrust plate
612600110417 Gas line connecting hose
612630060206 water pump
2102540105A Front bracket welding (right)
1007392718 Exhaust pipe insulation layer
612600082476 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly
DHN4.1Q0059*01-B (WP4.1NQ170E61) truck diesel engine
612600061575 Idler gear bracket
2190433/SZ cycle takeover
1000319600 DPM return pipe
1001854452 Engine wiring harness
12159208 flange
99100570086 Lever assembly
612600020789 Flywheel bolt
2014820/SZ diesel filter bracket
1006364582 Intake valve seat
610800060286 Multi-ribbed belt (matched for freezing)
612600061272 Coolant connecting hose
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1004677511 Conical ring
1005241275 Oil filter and cooler assembly
1001247914 spacer
1010731282 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
1001015545Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
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1000432277 Oil filter
1003467691 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
28040/PJGSL outer spring 380
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1005387529 Fuel primary filter
612600110109 clamp strap
13050224 Flywheel bracket
DHP10Q0905*02 WP10.336E40 diesel engine (discontinued)
2021806 Front bracket welding
1000264301 Idler pulley
28718/PJGSL Piston Ring ZLQ
611600080016 6th cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly
2KG-D75 clamp
2220153 EGR cooler
Z20300075 tube
1002574671 Pipe joint assembly
61560080278A High pressure oil pipe set
612630120012 Intake take-up
1007328170 Turbocharger
Z20030046A alternator JFZ273Y/28V/70A
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email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1000450100 transition bracket
1006619437 Fuel injection pump drive shaft assembly
610800070217S Hexagonal flange bolt
1000096260 Oil filler cap assembly
1001579083M1 cylinder head cover assembly
1000844739 Hexagonal flange bolt
1002015726 Pipe joint
612600090028 starter
2020807/1 Timing gear chamber cover assembly
X6260.454 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1000595501 Thermostat cover
1002441376 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1002013933 High pressure oil pipe assembly
612600113026 tube
610800110331 Air intake pipe (disabled)
612600082362 tube
DHP12Q2015*01-B (WP12.460E62) truck diesel engine
1003964390 Fuel coarse filter element
2020256 Generator bracket
13067855 Engine wiring harness (platform frozen)
13032463 Generator bracket
610800030022 connecting rod bushing
2067764 Cooler intake pipe gasket 1
JCP12G0004*01 WP12G460E470 diesel engine
1003181087 spacer
1001785073 Throttle flexible shaft bracket
Z20300013 pipe joint
612630530060 Coolant connecting hose
15061070D connection board
612600060939 Fan tray assembly (discontinued)
1001991084 O-shaped rubber seal
612600112790 Gas line connecting hose
612600113582 Bracket
1119254 hollow bolt
1001348266 Connecting rod bolt
1003033820 O-shaped rubber seal
1001224743 fuel filter
612630110067 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
1000406829 Engine front left bracket
610800040336 Oil and gas separator return pipe
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90003559516 Nuts for pipe joints
612600020590 Crankshaft pulley (disabled)
13032530 crankshaft pulley
12188791 Exhaust pipe (discontinued)
612601080546 Fuel injection pump assembly
1000132273 gas pipe
610800020089 crankshaft assembly
1000906529 Poly V-belt
1002798636 Oil and gas separator intake pipe assembly
DHD10G0375*03 WD10G220S diesel engine for construction machinery (matching frozen)
90011260055 Hexagon head bolt
331001000421 Oil dipstick tube assembly
2021763 hydraulic pump
13057813 Wiring harness bracket
1001358494 Outlet pipe
1000095456 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
612630060290 Windshield bracket
612600530150 radiator
1000321195 Outlet pipe
612630010672 Bracket
13063370 EGR water pipe assembly
1008845566 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
612600090882 Generator
1006834305 Idler pulley
610800090016 Generator bracket
61500010174A Fiber-free sandwich rubber tube
1004871698 Yuanhangbao wiring harness
1003596065 Cylinder head auxiliary bolt
1000848111 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
13030916EE05 gasket
2090130001A Vane vacuum pump
61500020041 flywheel
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100242 Fuel injector repair kit
DHP07K0177*01 WP7.270E30 diesel engine (discontinued)
2160327/SZ oil pump driven gear
1004984006 Post-processing transition harness
13025169 Nozzle hollow bolt
1002264197 Torsional vibration absorber
1001595164 sealing ring
2040449/SZ clutch driven plate assembly
Z20140019 fuel filter bracket
13052814 Engine front right bracket
1000121583 Exhaust pipe assembly
612600061389 Water pipe joint
1003158889 Fresh water pump repair kit
612600113221 sets
1002109687 Fan connection plate
1001975334 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
2120941 Fuel injection pump fuel inlet pipe assembly
99112530267 Radiator
1005910280 Differential pressure connecting pipe assembly
13023189 triangle belt
1002322813 Pipe joint
612600012691 Oil dipstick assembly
1000725914 Water pipe joint
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email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
email:[email protected] WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1008716046 Washer
DHP06T0241*01 (WP6G180E330) Diesel engine for agricultural machinery (matching frozen)
13024413 Turbocharger
13025773 Sealing gasket
330202000261 Camshaft assembly
1001981623 Camshaft assembly
B41-017 () Passenger car diesel engine
612600191184 water pipe
1001039304 exhaust tailpipe
13026161 Diesel engine return hose
41762027F Hexagon socket head screw
1000343323 Fuel return pipe
612600116788 muffler
1002418931 Intermediate joint
28201695/PJGS machine filter tank body
612660020040 Trapezoidal barrel ring
2027797 Main bearing upper shoe
1001246605 Fan connection plate
610800090009 starter
DHP06G0030*01 WP6.240 long stroke diesel engine
1000202509 Front exhaust manifold
610800070083 Oil pump gear
612630060454 Fan clutch assembly
11239140G Hexagon head screw plug
612600130439 Gas line connecting hose
610800060144 water pump
331002000322 piston
612600110871 Bracket
1005798263 Exhaust pipe sealing ring
13034059 Engine front right bracket
1002070680 Shock absorbing pad
C03-809 (YZ485QB) truck diesel engine (discontinued)
1000444742 Fuel Water Cold Treasure
2090110108A Supercharger oil return pipe
DHP13Q1010*01-B (WP13.550E508) truck diesel engine
DH3.7Q0148 (WP3.7Q130E50) truck diesel engine
612600080883 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly
2102110146A Intake pipe bracket
13032023 intake pipe
13038165 Fuel injection pump assembly
1000184395 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
13052604 Engine front right bracket
612600010520 Oil dipstick
13068680 Engine front right bracket
2190152 water pump pulley
1005173163 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
1004388459 Turbocharger
90011520041 double headed stud
13052901 Supercharger oil return pipe
2230549/SZ generator
1000175427 Gasket
13066721 Engine front bracket
13038461 Coarse filter assembly
1003285150 Oil cooler cover assembly
100139 Maintenance service
612600191242 gas pipe
1000867856 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
2220103/SZ Wiring Harness Parts
1000386040 Hydraulic pump
1000971878 SCR box assembly
1001788885 Elastic poly-V belt
1005204458 water pump impeller
1001982054 Pipe joint
DHD10G0343*01 WD10G220E21 diesel engine
1004773139 Air compressor water inlet pipe assembly
1000953631 generator
W21302723G Oil cooler return pipe
2J60-D/8 supercharger assembly
612600014698 Front end cover
1007369981M1 crankshaft assembly
1005018812 water pump
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1002449060 Gas line connecting hose
1000673657 Mixer assembly
1001134673 Water pipe joint
612600110225 Bracket
1002035378 Oil pan assembly
1004014605 Thermostat body
612600191962 gas pipe
612601080530 Fuel injection pump assembly
1006215320 Oil pan bracket
1000078306 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1001432462 DPM water inlet pipe assembly
1002771533 Air compressor water inlet pipe assembly
612600020332 crankshaft pulley
612630060332 Bracket
1005562931 SCR assembly
1001252119 Flywheel housing
15012600T protective cover
1004665665 DOC assembly
A17-839 (YZ4102ZLQ) truck diesel engine (discontinued)
612601080734 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
9000000410 O-shaped rubber seal
1002250931 Common rail fuel injection pump assembly
612600050184M1 Camshaft timing gear
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13074899 Hexagonal flange nut
1005533698 EGR exhaust pipe
1005895329 gas pipe
1000466521 Oil pan assembly
1004555198 Flywheel assembly
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612600191546 protective cover
1003645983 Outlet pipe joint
13033648 Gas line connecting hose
1003161607 Hexagonal flange bolt
15033511Y water pipe joint
612600061205 Wind protection belt assembly
611600070072 O-shaped rubber seal
90003813471 Stud
1002023248 Gas line connecting hose
2010977 cylinder head cover assembly
1003270877 Mixed intake pipe
1004874074 Engine front left bracket
2030231 Connecting rod blank
DHP06G0360*01-B (WP6G125E332) diesel engine for construction machinery
Z20030038 generator bracket
13024025 Stud
1006858396 Air compressor return pipe assembly
612600113290 EGR cooler bracket
1000620265 muffler
1004220283 Oil pipe assembly
1002052045 Oil pan assembly
1006778491 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
1000747666 Respirator body
1002789679 clutch housing
1003107616 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
2GDHG25-38 hose clamp
1001156946 Fuel filter bracket
1000020620 High pressure oil pipe assembly
DHP12Q2842*01-B (WP12.430E50) truck diesel engine
90011430041 Hexagonal flange face-toothed bolts
DHP06Q0452*01 (WP6.180E50) truck diesel engine
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13021808 Flywheel housing connecting ring
28719/PJGSL friction plate 131
DHH13Q0002*01-B (WP13H600E68) truck diesel engine