• xinchai spare parts  Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A
  • xinchai spare parts  Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A
  • xinchai spare parts  Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A
  • xinchai spare parts  Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A

xinchai spare parts Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A

No.A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A
xinchai spare parts  Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A
  • xinchai spare parts  Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A
  • xinchai spare parts  Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A
xinchai spare parts  Piston A498B-04001 A498B-04001-1A
13023279 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1002385450 Compressor outlet pipe
1000342452 Flywheel housing connecting ring
13058587 bellows
90003070092J Oil seal
100137 maintenance service
2220155/SZ EGR wiring harness components
611600110023 Exhaust pipe gasket
1005630541 EGR intake pipe
1006066631 Engine wiring harness
DHB06T0033*01 WP6T140E22 diesel engine
DH3.2T0199*01 WP3.2G72E440 diesel engine for agricultural machinery
13027024 Water pipe joint
1010341574 Exhaust throttle valve outlet pipe assembly
1000043470 Engine wiring harness
1004536125 cylinder liner
1000650051 Turbocharger
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610800220223 Exhaust bend pipe insulation layer (supporting freezing)
90011620008 double headed stud
13034792 Front end cover
1001430039 connection disk
1011298468 Upper thrust piece
13027052 Fuel injector
612600020160 Flywheel connection ring
1003139780 Bracket
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330225000060 Multi-ribbed belt
Z32502721 Oil pipe gasket
1001336078 Hexagon socket head screw
1001770048 Heat shield metal plate
Z38901413 catalytic converter
1001422198 intake valve
1006145169 Cooling water connector
612600115966 Hexagonal flange face toothed bolt
1000080840 Oil and gas separator bracket
610800060242 Hexagon head bolt
13059989 Supercharger heat shield
2063149/SZ DOC gasket
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1001150902 DPM oil inlet pipe assembly
1001041904 Bracket
1000874380 crankshaft timing gear
1003563282 Engine wiring harness
DH3.2T0088*01 (WP3.2G61E316) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
612630030209 Pipe joint (platform frozen)
2JL0808 oil cooler assembly
1001618627 Air intake pipe
1000156644 Bracket
612600061454M1 fan
1003274874 crankshaft pulley bolt
DHP12Q2130*01-B (WP12.430E50) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)
DHP06T0954*01-B WP6G240E330 Diesel engine for agricultural machinery
1000928933 Windshield bracket
1000585283 Oil cooler return pipe
1003019982 Supercharger oil inlet pipe
1004115680 SCR catalytic muffler
13026955 Exhaust pipe
2027281/SZ Steering pump oil outlet joint
1007441000 V-type clamp
DHP10N0295*01 WP10.340E32 truck diesel engine
1000587713 Body assembly
2060152 Inlet branch pipe
2100438 Fuel injection pump assembly
1009338607 Turbocharger
612600130013 Coolant connecting hose
DHP10K0627*01 (WP10.300N) Passenger car diesel engine
28200288/PJGS Piston Ring 485QA
1004780858 Spiral spring oil ring
1001298977 Engine wiring harness
15550511EJ single layer high pressure oil pipe
1008548354 Gasket
1001905838 Intercooler
1000495829 Oil cooler cover
612650110065 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
13057680 exhaust pipe
2090070001B Oil filter parts
1000186865 crankshaft assembly
2MFQ-15X2.4 sealing ring
1003711485 Post-processing transition harness
1003858851 Intercooler water inlet pipe
1003728382 Oil pan assembly
DHP03K0125*01-B (WP3Q130E50) Passenger car diesel engine (matching frozen)
X6231.089W fixed bracket
61567C2022 Front bracket (right)
1000847880 Fuel primary filter
2014751 Rocker arm base mounting studs
612630110153 Supercharger oil inlet pipe
612600110197 Marine front exhaust manifold
612600010634 Oil dipstick
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100579313 Body assembly
1000130165 water pipe joint
610800130186 Air compressor water inlet pipe assembly
27675420D spacer
2014523 blocked
13037179 Muffler assembly
410800130063 Pipe joint
612600118890 Turbocharger
1000402768 Combination sealing gasket
1013032300 oil filter
DHP13Q1803*01-B WP13.480E501 truck diesel engine (matching frozen)
410800080036 Wiring harness bracket
77716800H Stud
1002443107 Oil filter inlet pipe
DHP03Q0105 WP3Q130E50 truck diesel engine
612600060097-1 Bracket
13071095 Fan connection plate
1004326022 Fan connection plate
13061801 Air compressor
1001955609 Pipe clamp assembly
612601111083 Turbocharger
2020451/1 Hydraulic pump cover
DHP08Q0028*01-B (WP8.340E51) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)
1006774804 Hexagon socket head screw
41901409F Hexagonal flange bolt
LD22952100001 (HMFB135-02) hydraulic motor
1000159041 Generator
2063849/SZ compressor outlet pipe welding
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DHT14Q0008*01-B WP14T610E62 high-efficiency SCR National VI vehicle diesel engine
DHP12Q0793*01 WP12.430E40 diesel engine (discontinued)
1003321678 Piston ring assembly
2020267 Air conditioning compressor bracket
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1001864004 Oil pump suction pipe
1000432917 Flywheel assembly
612600540460 Engine front right bracket
612601080175A Fuel injection pump assembly
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1002511006 Clutch driven plate assembly
1009401981 Front oil seal installer
612600080372 High pressure oil pipe
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331010000261 Supercharger exhaust pipe assembly
612601080113 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1001359515 Air compressor cover
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DHL10T0006*01 (WP10G336E341) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
1001377941 intake valve
1000317571 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
2090110106A exhaust manifold
DHP07K0681*01 WP7.240E40 diesel engine (discontinued)
1003146747 Front end cover
610800070312 Oil pump
2130543/SZ oil pan welding
DHH10.5Q0100*01-B WP10.5H460E50 truck diesel engine
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1005328504 Pad
610800060022 Coolant connection hose (platform frozen)
DHP03K0103*01 WP3Q130E50 Passenger Car Diesel Engine (Special Purpose Vehicle)
1002372292 Intercooling pipe bracket
612600081333 fuel filter
1006430652 Piston ring assembly
28054/PJGSL idler gear retaining ring
1000703850 ECU-fuel pump fuel pipe assembly
13036103 Generator bracket
1000212421 Cover plate
1000476803 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe
DH3.7Q0106-B (YZ4DA2-40 CB18 pump) truck diesel engine
1003692869 Engine wiring harness
1000720217 intake pipe
612630010386 Pipe clamp
1001715862 Coolant connecting hose
1010764868 Oil dipstick
612600530081 Radiator
1001001564 Fan bracket assembly
1139192 Clamping sleeve
2021858 air compressor
612600900021 Body assembly
2230249 switch protective cover
1004665666 SCR assembly
2190596 Seawater pump inlet pipe gasket
612600013572 Support block
1005270393 Tension wheel bracket
1001070942 Turbocharger
612600110712 Intake pipe cover
1013939341 Diesel engine routine maintenance package
612600190852 water pipe
612630140047 Coolant connecting hose
2B010025 Hexagon socket head screw
1000264696 High pressure oil pipe assembly
612600170053 Clutch pressure plate assembly
612600010893 cylinder head bolt
2014375/SZ intake valve
1006574089 crankshaft assembly
612600091131 Temperature sensor
DHP13Q3104*01 WP13.550E62 truck diesel engine
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1007129908 Flywheel assembly
2085730108A EGR intake pipe assembly
1005822074 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
1010539263 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
DH2.3Q0003*01 (WP2.3Q110E50) truck diesel engine
DHH10Q0684*01-B (WP10H400E50) truck diesel engine
1000334062 cover
1000593870 Intermediate gear cover
13037699 Crankshaft pulley (matched for freezing)
1004249559 Preheating system wire harness
W41772059G Hexagon socket plug
612600090566 Fixed bracket
1001820525 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1001896837 ECU bracket
1001166515 Intercooler intake pipe
2120258 Fuel injector return pipe assembly
1007280516 Exhaust brake butterfly valve
1001576399 Bracket
1000103727 Air compressor
1002121004 Pipe clamp assembly
1002970833 Pipe clamp assembly
DHN2.3Q0113*01 (WP2.3NQ130E50) truck diesel engine
612700110025 flange
1003085297 Exhaust brake butterfly valve
1000430758 Oil pan assembly
1000370616 Rocker arm shaft assembly
1000844873 O-shaped rubber seal
61500110017 Rear exhaust manifold
1002230874 Air compressor intake pipe
2100273 High pressure oil pump
612640110247 Supercharger bracket
1001877712 Air intake pipe
2040174 clutch housing
DHB06T0130 WP6G175E22 diesel engine (discontinued)
1000663886 water pipe
2027683/SZ gear chamber cover
1000060176 Engine wiring harness
1001415398 Pipe clamp assembly
1004112225 Hexagonal flange bolt
1004862561 Pressure temperature sensor
2J60-D/7 supercharger assembly
2010126 Pressure reducing shaft
13020212 Eye screw
X6231.749W tube
DH3.7K0002-B (WP3.7Q113E50) passenger car diesel engine (supporting frozen)
D54-002 WP4.6G82E2 diesel engine for construction machinery (discontinued)
1002902111 Integrated urea tank assembly
DHP06Q0390*01 WP6.220E50 diesel engine (matching frozen)
1002420876 Hexagonal flange bolt
611600010037 Oil dipstick tube lower assembly
13051024 Fuel injection pump assembly
1000791757 water pump
1001612397 Oil and gas separator return pipe assembly
2BLS-M8X55/8.8 hexagonal bolt
614010417 Flywheel housing bolt
DHP12Q2083*01-B WP12.460E50 diesel engine for engineering machinery
Z101896 crankshaft bolt
13058788 Hexagon socket head screw
1000817527 generator
1012062181 Fan bracket assembly
612630060785 Multi-ribbed belt
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DHL10Q0446*01 WP10NG336E51 natural gas engine (discontinued)
DH4.1T0168*01-B (WP4.1G140E301) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
1001033522 Oil cooler return pipe assembly
Z20300017 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly
1001924905 Oil pan assembly
610800190025 Bracket
15531680LJ seawater pump
1001072939 Water pump return pipe assembly
612600080068-1 ESG1000A electronic speed regulator
1001613081 fan
612600113848 Supercharger oil inlet pipe
410800190156 Mixed intake pipe
1007672476 Idler pulley
77735030Y RSGU CLAMP 1 10 20
DHD10G0375*04 WD10G220S diesel engine for construction machinery (matching frozen)
1001264235 Fan connection plate
1000531134 Flywheel housing assembly (platform frozen)
612600010198 Filling pipe assembly
1000411525 Fuel return pipe assembly
1003711455 pin
1011813748 Fan connection plate
28200338/PJGS cylinder head
13066508 Exhaust elbow heat insulation layer
1005897620 Water pipe assembly
9000000088 Hexagonal flange bolt
DHN4.6G0056*01 WP4.6NG175E301 diesel engine for engineering machinery
13023781 Air compressor
DHN4.6G0039*01 WP4.6NG200E303 diesel engine for construction machinery
1000594068 Oil filter
DHP12Q2474*01 (WP12.460E50) truck diesel engine
90013050025 Hexagon socket head screw
1009642649 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
61560080304 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1001943416 crankshaft pulley bolt
812700110031 Intake take-up
1003846352 Camshaft cover
612600081866 High pressure oil pipe assembly
DH3.2G0003-B (WP3.2G50E347A) diesel engine for construction machinery
1001421651 EVB bracket assembly
1004810495 oil pump
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2014679/SZ valve oil seal
1000952145 air filter
612639000041 nut
1001296243 Oil pipe assembly
1002964646 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
612600114136 support block
1004555799 Supercharger heat shield
1000096495 signal plate
1000744260 fan
DH4.1K0355*01-B (WP4.1Q150E50) Passenger car diesel engine
X6231.381W exhaust pipe bracket
1001586186 Turbocharger
1000812768 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly
2090040138 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe
612600090965 Generator bracket
2020831/PJGS body 4108Q
330211000012 Remote control instrument
612630010335 Nameplate
2010227/1 Injector gasket
2027403 body
1002036213 hinge bolt
1002357325 generator
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1001952252 Water pipe bracket
1009477391 Three-way catalytic converter
61500040086 cylinder head
1000406637 Wiring harness bracket
1000649018 Speed controller
13030708 Machine side control instrument
612600113935 intake pipe
612600180070 LCD instrument
1009007828 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
610800110242 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
2010015 Pressure reducing bushing
1005557293 Bracket
2028463/SZ Vacuum pump oil inlet pipe combination
1004503527 Water pipe joint
1001036195 Generator (freeze included)
DHL10Q0913*01-B WP10.350E53 truck diesel engine
1001227813 Pipe clamp assembly
612600111182 Supercharger oil inlet pipe
612601080147Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
28207/PJGSL respirator pad
Z20230106 exhaust pipe
1001236451 Oil dipstick tube upper assembly
15540560NJ Oil pump pressure limiting valve
1000195888 Engine wiring harness
2102090126A Generator
15080860P air filter
W11302036G fuel return pipe assembly
612600116634 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
1001420242 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
410800010122 Oil dipstick tube upper assembly
812700080121 Fuel fine filter
1004766071 DPM return pipe assembly
2130735 Oil dipstick tube assembly
1003081756 Engine wiring harness
1001314745 SCR catalytic muffler
615GJ01 tool box
13035407 Flywheel
1008746734 Insulation layer
1009534870 Fuel Water Cold Treasure
1000963042 Coolant connecting hose
612600114248 Exhaust pipe assembly
1007592870 Gas line connecting hose
1003758808 protective cover
1000131871 Flywheel housing
1004874536 Hose clamp
2102540116A rear bracket welding
612600112263 Pipe clamp assembly
1004427473 Wiring harness bracket
DHP06T0133*01-B (WP6G150E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery
DHP07Q0637*01-B (WP7.300E51) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)
DHH09Q0176*01-B (WP9H350E50) truck diesel engine
W20513132H gear support
1006481372 Vehicle wiring harness
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1003235555 Turbocharger
Z104008 bolt
DHP12Q3195*01-B (WP12.490E501) truck diesel engine
2250231/1 Throttle handle welding
1003138800 Bracket
1003142012 cylinder head repair kit
612600060151 Tension wheel bracket
1006240322 DOC assembly
13024690 Smoke limiter air pipe assembly
5000000003 generator
612630060880 Automatic tensioning wheel
1003783115 Torsional vibration absorber
1002801501 Bracket
612600900038 Body assembly
1000985845 signal generator
1002320880 Exhaust pipe assembly
1000770398 Crankshaft pulley (matched for freezing)
1005318101 Water pipe joint
1001312896 Oil dipstick assembly
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1001225003 Engine gasket repair kit (freeze included)
1000835522 push rod
1002026258 Air compressor return pipe assembly
Z20310045 temperature sensor
DHP07K1029*01 WP7.240E40 diesel engine (discontinued)
1009965873 Fuel injection pump gear
1006955281 Water pipe assembly
612600090132 Flame preheating device
B03-879 (YZ4105QF) truck diesel engine
DHP13N0035*01 (WP13.605E30) truck diesel engine